Hip Hop Classes

Has your child ever tried to pop and lock? Have you noticed them curious about moving their bodies in rhythmic ways that groove and move across the floor? It may be time for them to try a hip-hop class! Help them embrace confidence in a new way via expression and movement on the dance floor!

What do Hip-Hop classes look like at Ascendance?

Picture this: a hype song is playing. There is a person on the dance floor owning every move they make with a stage presence so strong, it is hard to look away from them. This person has major training, you can just tell, and their confidence is contagious! Now imagine where this person’s training must have started and how dancing and training in hip-hop has helped them develop their personality. Hip-hop at Ascendance Studio really encourages the development of individuality. Our hip-hop professionals make it a point to teach every dancer not only how to follow a combination of steps, but to develop a style of their own. Isolations and sharp accents make for a strong foundation of hip-hop and every movement choreographed is meant to emphasize these elements so that dancers understand the music and movement promulgating each sound.

From the very early age of five years old, our instructors teach students how to listen to the music and feel the beat. At Ascendance Studio, we teach hip-hop that is age-appropriate, straying away from risque movements. Our focus stems from the elements of the original dance form rather than conforming to the pressure of what is more common in society. In addition to providing training on musicality, hip-hop trains the body on how to incorporate isolations into movement. Each dancer is taught how to control different parts of their body to match the beat of the music. The result is so cool to watch! Let your child’s inner star shine through in the dance room! Sign them up for hip-hop today!

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Benefits of our Hip-Hop classes

Hip-hop incorporates both anaerobic and aerobic elements, making it the perfect activity to enrich your child’s cardiovascular health! Not only does it fully immerse the mind, incorporating both mental and physical components, but it is a great stress-reliever. Focusing on an extracurricular activity like hip-hop is not only entertaining, but good for your child’s well-being in many ways. Learning in a classroom environment allows your child the opportunity to develop social skills and teaches the body control. Focusing on isolations and other stylistic components, hip-hop gives the dancer the opportunity to grow in a style that is completely different from the rest. Your child will become more well-rounded, indulge in fitness, and have fun all at the same time!

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Objectives of our Hip-Hop classes

  • To develop social skills
  • To enhance cardiovascular activity
  • To teach body control through body isolations
  • To focus on musicality and individual beats
  • To encourage individuality
  • To promote fun times while still being active!

Do you want to book Free Hip Hop class today? Call us 786-571-7778 or click below.

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What is hip-hop dance and where does it come from?

Originating in the 1960’s, hip-hop was born on the streets from the east all the way to the west coast. Although the beginnings of hip-hop ranged in both style and execution, depending on which side you asked, they both had one thing in common for sure– their urban roots. Beginning in New York, uprock and breaking were two elements of funky dance created by African-Americans and Latino populations in the city. On the other side of the coin was the west coast, developing their style into what is commonly recognized as pop and lock and the “robot”. With exposure and popularity of both differing styles, came the undeniable evolution that morphed in what is today known and celebrated as hip-hop dance.

Aside from the funky fundamental components, hip-hop dance was very much a social experience. With its roots on the streets, the style continues to flourish primarily in groups of people. Maybe you’ve done the funky chicken or dabbled in the running man– both popular hip-hop dances back in the day. Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Soulja Boy” or the “Cha Cha Slide”? These are just a few examples of the diversity and evolution that hip-hop continues to offer. Other than the social aspect of hip-hop that you have perhaps observed at gatherings or parties, hip-hop is all around us. Popular on both television and movies, if you’ve ever seen any of the “Step-Up” movies or any dance show such as “So You Think You Can Dance”or“World of Dance”, you’ve definitely seen hip-hop in action!