Ballet Classes

Ascendance Studio offers ballet classes to various age levels starting at three years old through pre-school and on. In addition, there are also classes for teenagers, whether they have trained in ballet in the past or at a beginner level. At Ascendance, we recognize that ballet is the foundation of all dance language. Based on stylized music and a classic foundation, we strongly emphasize the importance of ballet technique in our classes. Usually performed to instrumental music, students are guided through the basics of ballet from positions, barre work, and exercises across the floor, to other floor work and combinations building strength and technique. Since ballet is at the core of all dance styles, it is integral in our curriculum. Ballet is precise, highly formalized, and disciplined. It will strengthen dancers beyond their own expectations and allow them to develop proper and fundamental dance technique. Dancers will become physically stronger, develop their core muscles, lengthen their muscles, and challenge their minds. They will improve their posture, balance, musicality, grace, and flexibility. At Ascendance Studio, it is highly recommended to take at least one ballet class, in addition to other styles.

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What do our Ballet Classes look like?

At Ascendance Studio, above all, we ensure that your children get the best dance education possible. By utilizing various props and upbeat music we provide affordable ballet classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to teach our students how to properly perform exercises at the barre, across-the-floor, and in the center of the classroom. Our ballet program goes beyond learning to be graceful and gentle. We emphasize a strict curriculum where proper technique is at the base.

Similarly, all of our classes are 60 minutes long and provide a fun, educational atmosphere where students are encouraged to both challenge and express themselves using the skills and steps learned in class. Our goal is to inspire all of our students to not only be able to recognize and utilize proper technique and terminology, but to spark their own passion for dance. We divide our ballet classes by age groups in the following manner: ages 3 to 4, ages 5 to 6, 7 to 9, and 10 to 12 years old, and teens. Our age groups are broken down this way so that each class is at a manageable size, where every child receives individualized attention from their instructor. It also helps students to build relationships with other students in their similar age group, which often times leads to friendships that last a lifetime. The established age divisions ensure that each dancer is learning the appropriate technique that corresponds to their dance level. Moreover, this system ensures that every class is taught in a way that is tailored for each age level.

Why should you take Ballet classes at Ascendance Studio?

Not only is Ascendance Studio in a centralized location in the heart of Doral, but our instructors our well-versed in teaching ballet to all ages. At our studio, toddlers can take ballet classes starting at the age of 3! Apart from being conveniently located, our schedule is very versatile, giving parents many options for enrolling their children in dance. We offer a diverse selection of baby ballet classes almost every day of the week including Saturdays!

Classes are instructed by highly trained dance professionals and keep your children (younger and older) engaged and entertained, utilizing their minds and bodies. Developing proper training in ballet is at the top of our priority list when it comes to dance technique, however, the drive and passion of our staff will inevitably instill a love for dance in your children too! Our ballet teachers have prestigious training, resulting in a strong foundation where your dancer can begin their dance training with confidence.

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What are the Benefits of taking Ballet classes?

As the core of all dance, ballet incorporates a wide variety of physical, social, and mental benefits that make it a valuable activity for the youth. Ballet engages the entire body from head to toe, requiring focus and discipline. It involves the mind which establishes control during exercises whether at the barre, across the floor, in the center, or during a choreographic routine. Ballet can benefit the stiffer dancer in that it promotes grace and fluid movement. On the other end of the spectrum, dancers with lack of body control would benefit from a ballet class so that they can translate their movement into purposeful and technical execution. Ballet also has the advantage of encouraging proper posture, can be low impact, and is a healthy activity that those who partake in can enjoy for the rest of their lives. This is true both inside and outside of the classroom. Moreover, it is an effective medium for your child to gain self-confidence, develop social skills, and explore a new activity! By taking a ballet class, rest assured that your child will develop skills in balance, flexibility, musicality, grace, and control. It is highly recommended that at least one ballet class is taken alongside other dance style to promote growth and dance progress..

Objectives of our Ballet classes

  • To build a strong foundation in dance
  • To gain muscular and mental strength
  • To retain and apply ballet terminology
  • To exercise the mind, body, and spirit
  • To set and meet desired goals and build self-discipline
  • To understand the key components of a healthy lifestyle
  • To generate communication skills and increase self-confidence
  • To develop grace and fluid movement
  • To strengthen specific muscle groups to enable particular movements and technique
  • To successfully execute barre and across-the-floor exercises properly
  • To create long-lasting friendships and memories
  • To facilitate a strong foundation to all dance styles